Skye Mason

IMG_0453Dramatic. Colorful. An Impasto Painter in pursuit of the very footsteps of Monet, Manet, and Van Gogh. Tracing each place they painted, traveled, and slept, Skye Mason is determined to learn what they saw, how they thought, and why they painted. 

Skye’s dramatic, colorful style has won her recognition as an artist with a diverse perspective interpreting objects, scenes and familiar places with an uncommon site. Her atypical approach to the canvas has a romantic quality layering the oils, while utilizing dramatic colors to carefully display thick, smooth strokes of the brush. Mode and technique are qualities to be discovered in her landscapes and figuratives.

Skye attended art school in Atlanta, Georgia with the intention of becoming a painter. A few turns and a semester later she fell in love with the camera. That love landed her jobs as a commercial and fine art photographer. After 25 years of photographing professionally, the digital age approached and Skye found herself wanting to return to painting. She still enjoys photography and in fact, it plays a huge role in her painting from composition, lighting and subject matter.

Skye is frequently asked to jury photography competition of students which brings her great joy. Full of wunderlust, traveling all over the world, photographing, painting, collecting friends, images, and stories.


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