H.R. Kaiser

hrkaiserheadshotSculpting is revitalizing and rebalancing for me and has made a vast change in how I experience life. I see and sense strength in spirit and want to capture that in my work to share with others. This is a second career for me and I am fortunate to have a strong support system that has allowed me to push the refresh button on the story of my life and gain a stronger focus on what matters and why.  It is soul nourishing and energizing.

In broad strokes, with my current focus on the iconic cowboy of our past, I envision what it might have been like right here in Oklahoma, home to several historic cattle trails, including the famous Chisholm Trail.   I often find myself looking across the plains to see where the drovers might have made camp and bed down the herd for the night.

My fundamental inspiration springs from the people and places that surround me. My goal is to capture the layers of attitude, emotion and personality of cowboys in everyday life and translate that into a visual feast  that appeals on a visceral level.

I continue to study through intensive professional workshops and have learned to root out strong design elements, look for patterns of dark and light, shadow and form and how the lines intersect.  I am committed to artistic excellence and lifelong improvement, to never settle, never be content with my work as there is always a higher peak to reach.

HR Kaiser

Member of:
National Sculpture Society
Oklahoma Sculpture Society
Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition
Norman Arts Council

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