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Stan Bentall

Stan Bentall, world famous sculptor of the hunting dog, researches the anatomy and conformation of each breed and captures the essence of the breed as no other artist. A Stan Bentall sculpture of a hunting dog on point is a moment frozen in time to enjoy forever.  The dog’s well defined muscles seem to pulse […]

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Jay Hester

A southerner by birth and a westerner by heart, that’s Jay Hester. Jay’s passion for Western culture is evident in his work as a Native American and Western artist. His ability to capture the rustic beauty and depth of the people and places that define the American West has gained him many honors and awards […]

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Ed Samuels

Ed Samuels was born just before World War II started. There were talented artists on both sides of his family there were very talented artists and musicians who attended Pratt and Cooper Union, some of the finest art schools in New York. When the war began they had to drop their artistic careers to help […]

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Richard Luce

Born and raised in Yonkers, NY this artist of Italian descent has devoted his life to portraying the history he loves. A professional artist for over 30 years, his subject matter has varied little from his primary interest, the American west. After graduating with a degree in commercial art from Dutchess Community College in Poughkeepsie, […]

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James Hunter

James Hunter is originally from Pittsburg Pennsylvania and graduated with a B.F.A from University of Northern Colorado. After graduating college he started his art career as a graphic designer and illustrator. He retired after 27 years as an illustrator and graphic designer from the University of California, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and began painting.  James […]

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Sarah Beth Banning


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Brett Chomer

Brett Chomer creates works in cast bronze, fabricated steel, and paint. Located in corporate, public, and private collections in New Mexico and throughout the United States, his artwork is diverse; ranging from automotive to aquatic, figurative to abstract, functional to fun. Each work leads to another process, another idea, and evolves into other creations and […]

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Karen Whitmore

Karen was born in Memphis, Tennessee, but has lived in New Mexico for the past 28 years and calls Santa Fe home.  For the past three years, Karen has worked as a Veterinary Technician while painting and taking art classes with artists Lee Rommell, Don Finkeidei, Anita Louise West, Charles Reid, Kim English, and Roberta […]

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Brigitte Woosley

After a long career as a courtroom artist, Ms. Woosley has turned her talents in the direction of the fine arts, fulfilling a lifelong ambition of being a full-time fine art painter. “I’ve loved every minute of courtroom art and continue to sketch trials, but my focus is changing. I’ve explored all the creative options […]

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Terry Wade

Terry Wade is a sculptor from Santa Fe, New Mexico.  As the son of Santa Fe Gallery Owner – Joe Wade and Nationally recognized Sculptor Juan Dell  Wade, Terry has been in fine art all of his life.  He started working in the foundries of Santa Fe helping with his mother’s career.  Terry has worked […]

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